Campaign History

Established by employees in 2012 as a community service project within the overall Veterans Program at Hewlett Packard (HP), this campaign was created to thank those we owe for our freedom. It is a national structure to local volunteering; engaging employees in thanking Veterans for their service on or around Veterans Day through planned activities and patient visits at VA Medical facilities and by employee donations of basic items. The campaign has grown year over year; increasing the number of sites served and Veterans honored. Partners were added in 2013 and the campaign was moved to Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) when the company was founded in 2015. In 2017, the campaign will be moved to the newly formed DXC Technology.

This is a unique public, private, non-profit partnership. Boot Campaign, Veterans Affairs (VA) Voluntary Services, VA Homeless Program, and corporate partners support this celebration of Veterans Day each year.

2012 – HP funded canvas bags, water bottles, notepads, socks and other items for 11 VAMC sites. Employees held “Sweats for Vets” drives in their local facilities and handled the fulfillment and distribution during their visits to the VAMC. Honored 3,820 Veterans and created awareness of Veterans with mental health needs through non-profit partner – Not Alone.

2013 – Added 18 VAMC sites, created online registries for needed items, and brought on partners: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Intelligent InSites, ByLight, i4DM, and non-profit partner Boot Campaign. Honored 7,500 Veterans with t-shirts and string bags.

2014 – The campaign was supported by non-profit partner Boot Campaign, and company partners Bristol-Myers Squibb, i4DM and Amazon Web Services. Seed money was provided for all activities at the VAMCs. 48 sites were supported honoring 14,000 Veterans.

2015 – Company partners were Bristol-Myers Squibb, Halo Branded Solutions and non-profit partner Boot Campaign. Contributed to a Veteran Portrait Project wall in Hinesville, GA. Honor Packs and blankets replaced the registries. 94 VAMC sites supported honoring 27,000 Veterans.

2016One hundred VA medical facilities in 43 states plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico were supported by the campaign. The campaign has generated approximately 2,646 volunteers, 18,537 volunteer hours and honored an estimated 81,320 veterans over the last 5 years and 5633 Honor Packs and 2,158 blankets have been sold to date. Combat boots were added to the merchandise site; 116 combat boots were donated.